Do you allow smoking?

No, we do not.  Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property.

Do you allow pets?

Yes.  However, there are restrictions.  Please ask to see our pet rules when discussing your application.  Pet owners must sign and follow all pet rules, and provide a $300 deposit at time of move-in. "Service Animals" do not need to leave deposit

Do you accept  individual Section 8 Vouchers?   

No, we do not accept vouchers.  Roseville Seniors is a project-based Section 8 property.

What is Project-based Section 8?  

Project-based Section 8 is an affordable housing subsidy provided by the federal government that is connected to the rental unit.  The tenant is not required to have a voucher.  The subsidy provides the difference between the market rate value of the home and 30% of the resident’s income.  HUD reimburses the owner with the remaining 70% only if the apartment is rented.  If the resident moves, the subsidy will go to the next qualified resident who moves into the Section 8 unit. 

What is the process to apply to Roseville Seniors?

1.  Applications by potential residents must be completely filled-out by all persons planning to live in apartment. Completed applications can then returned to our on-site office via mail, email, fax, or personally bringing to the property.  All information is kept completely confidential, and will not be shared with anyone not approved by HUD to process the information.  

2. Once received by the office, our on-site manager will date your application, then call you set up appointment to meet with you, review application, and show you available apartments.  If no vacant apartments exist at the time, your name will go on a waiting list..  You will need to show a Valid State ID or Driver's License, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card to prove you are eligible for Section 8 assistance.  

3.  Our on-site manager will then verify your information and do a background check, rental history check, reference check, and verify your income. Our HUD approved Compliance Officer will then review everything, and create a voucher for HUD. If apartment is immediately available, you can reserve apartment for first available move-in date.  People are taking in order on the waiting list.  If you are unable to move when you name is first on the list, you can either ask to be removed, or place back to bottom for a call in future.